Google launched enhanced autocomplete

Google also working upon an edge-to-edge auto-complete interface.

Google has launched a new update related to autocomplete search which includes a second column of prediction which helps the user to find more relevant results of their quires. Google also confirmed the testing of a new edge-to-edge interface and full-width element in the desktop.

In this update google also show the results related to the search like people also ask, people also search for and other content relevant to the query.



For enabling the feature first you search on the google desktop interface, then click again to the search box and you will see more results on the right-side column.

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What is edge to edge autocomplete?

Google also working upon another version of autocomplete called edge to edge. In this google remove the border lining around the search box and it mixes with other elements of search results.


More full-width tests.

As Google previously confirmed about launching a full width local and search results interface it also working upon other full width elements that include a full image pack, full width feature snippets and more.

Any changes in the Google search interface impacts the users whether the changes are small or large. It also may have a direct effect on click through rate of your website on a search result for the given keyword.


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