Google Updates History

Google Algorithm Updates 2021

A History of Google Algorithm Updates from 2012-Present


Core Web Vital Update (PE Update) – 25 June, 2021

Google started providing new updates related to Page Experience after multiple delays on June 25th with the announcement that the rollout would continue through August 2021. This update included Core Web Vitals and impacted both organic results and News results (including top stories).

Product In-Depth Review Update – 12 March, 2021

To reward in-depth reviews over thin reviews and spammy affiliates Google announced an updated (impacting English-language only at launch). This update seemed focused on review quality and the exact factors involved appeared to be complex.

Google Glitch Update – 10 August, 2020

In this update Google announced that there was a bug (glitch) that affect indexing and ranking.

Featured Snippet-dubbing – 22 Jan, 2020

In this update Google announced that URLs would no longer be appearing in feature snippets as traditional organic results.

BERT Update – 2 oct, 2019

This update was launched to upgrade the algorithm and hardware of Google to support the BERT natural language processing (NLP). It helps Google to better interpret natural language.

Site Diversity Update – 6 June, 2019

In Site Diversity Update Google announced that it would improve the situation where sites had more than two organic listings.

Deindexing Bug – 5 April, 2019

Google find a bug around the weekend on April 5th that dropped the pages from the search index.

“Medic“ Core Update – 1 Aug, 2018

In this update Google started to remove the ranking of the websites related to unauthorized health and wellness content.

Chrome Security Update – 24 July,2018

In this update Chrome 68 began marking all non-HTTPS sites as “not secure”. The update rolled out on 24 july, but depends on users installing the latest Chrome Version And can take weeks or months.

Mobile Speed Update – 9 July, 2018

This update is related to mobile web speed. Six months after announcing it, Google considered page speed as a ranking factor for mobile results.

Snippet Length Drop Update – 13 May,2018

After testing longer display snippets of up to 300+ characters for a few months, Google rolled back most snippets to the former limit (about 150-160 characters).

Mobile-First Indexing Roll-out – 26 march, 2018

In this update Google announced that the indexing of a website is only possible when the web site is mobile friendly.

Snippet Length Increase – 30 Nov, 2017

In this update Meta description limit increased up to 300 characters from the previous 155 (almost doubling).

“Fred” – 8 March 2017

This update is used to follow the webmaster guidelines by the website owner (forcefully).

Possum – 1 Sep, 2016

This update was announced to improve local search results on the basis of locality. Data suggested this update (or a simulations update) also heavily impacted organic data.

Mobile Update AKA “Mobilegeddon” – 22 April 2015

In this update google announced that it will check your website is it mobile-friendly or not and ranking would differ on the basis of mobile-friendliness.

Pigeon – 24 July, 2014

In this update google gives notifications about poor on-page and off-page work of the website to the search engine.

“Payday Loan” Update – 11 June, 2013

In this update Google announced it will remove the sites with the notorious spammy result, especially in payday loans and porns.

Exact- Match Domain (EMD) update – 7 Sep, 2012

Google announced that it will penalize your website if the domain name is a keyword until it will ensure that your content is unique and plagiarism-free.

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